Explain "blogs", please
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What is a Blog? Does anyone have any links to decent, well written explanations, explaining the phenomenon of Blogging? It needs to be as non-techy as possible and preferably from a mainstream, well regarded source.

My enthusiasm for the technology doesn't seem to be translating into understanding with my marketings bods ;o)
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Checkout the first two links on the "About MetaFilter" page. They are very useful.
posted by machaus at 7:52 AM on February 23, 2004

See rebeccablood's site for the definitive history of weblogs.
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(Oops, the About page that machaus linked had a link to rb's history page. Carry on, then. :P )
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The term "weblog" and what it pertains to have become quite mutable.
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This conference is now over, but there's a lot of material on the site by marketing bimbos for marketing bimbos.
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Reverse-chronological listing of links with associated commentary. As concise as I can make it.
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Actually, one could make the argument that you're blogging right now.
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Well, most blogs are personal whereas Metafilter is collaborative, but werty is right - you're soaking in it (so to speak).
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Obligatory self-link to a lengthy wonderchicken screed. You might find some useful outward-bound links from there as well.
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The Weblog FAQK
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A definition.
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Clearly defined in this 37signals Blogging for Business presentation.
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There is a whole page About Blogs on the Joi Ito Wiki, our beloved Megnut explained What We're Doing When We Blog on O'Reilly Network, George Siemens explained What blogging is, etc etc etc.

As you can tell from the pages linked above (which all refer each other), a weblog mainly consists of items about and links to other blogs. ;-)

Last link: http://huminf.uib.no/~jill/archives/blog_theorising/final_version_of_weblog_definition.html
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