What are some awesome free fonts?
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I'd like a free font (note: has to be awesome).

I'm getting very, very tired of Times New Roman, and Book Antiqua isn't really doing it for me. I was wondering if anybody had a favorite free alternative font? It would have to be a nice, pleasant-looking serif font for Windows that wasn't too dissimilar to the above, at least not so different that my professors will just tell me to change it back.

I've done some searching on the internet and the askmetafilter archives (which have a surprising number of font questions), but haven't found anything. Mostly, the internet is full of very nice fonts that cost $20, or bogus font-porn sites with popup ads. There must be something out there, though -- I just want to give my documents a little different feel. Links appreciated!
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I use Verdana for everything I do. It comes with Windows.
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Some free variant of palatino? I end up running off most of my research papers in palatino by default, but that's in the LaTeX world.
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Truth be told: making a font that's good for setting large amounts of legible small text is exceedingly hard - which is why decent free fonts for that purpose are so rare. A quick search brought up only PetitLatin as being at all promising.

Have you tried Georgia (probably already on your computer)?
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"Arial kicks ass."

Okay, no, really. Windows-standard Georgia is pretty nice looking on the printed page. Palatino is availble on the ol' Linux boxen and is similarly not too ugly. There is something to be said for having "your font" available globally (even if it is somewhat Cheesy).
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If you keep running into commercial fonts that you like, but are only interested in free ones, check out Lookalike Fonts for potential substitutions. Some (if not many) of the suggested replacement fonts may be freely accessible on the Web.

In addition, here is a site with thousands of (supposedly) free fonts, though they don't offer thumbnails. You could simply download a batch and then view them without first installing them using The Font Thing.

Unfortunately, none of the ones I was going to suggest (Calisto MT from Monotype, Minion from Adobe) seem to have free variants. Good luck.
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I like garamond which isn't free but came with my computer (either with win2k or office); you might check to see if you have it. (also googling can probably turn up a copy or at least a lookalike).
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daFont might have something... It's generally where I go for free fonts.
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Katemonkey, daFont is daBomb. thanks.
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Some people made type just for you. Lido.
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You can find tons of crazy fonts here.
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palatino also comes on macs.
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I'm a big fan of garamond which, as juv3nal pointed out, you may already have.
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Georgia, Verdana, and Trebuchet are all fine typefaces, but are designed for screen use, not paper use. At high resolution and normal sizes, there are better faces available.

One of my favourites is Korrina.
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Thanks guys.
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I'm late! I'm late! But check this out. S'cool.
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Taz, you are right, that is cool.
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For an alternate sans-serif font, I've always liked Bookman old style, but it's not to everyone's taste.
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