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Stop me hitting my iPod! My 4th gen iPod requires frequent slapping to encourage it to unfreeze (try Googling 'slap+ipod' to see what I mean). What does this particular 'fix' actually do? How do I fix my iPod in a more permanent way?

It seems that since this slapping is often successful, there might be single problem that it is fixing? Loose HD connection or something?
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Try this handy iPod troubleshooting flowchart:

1. iPod not working properly -> Hard disk is dead.
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How do I fix my iPod in a more permanent way?

Replace the hard disk.
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if you keep doing this, it will eventually die permanently, as mine did. you need to immediately get all unique (i.e., not backed up) data off it with a suitable utility and send it in for repair. good luck.
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What the "slap" usually does is dislodges the hard drive head from being stuck on the disk platter. I had my 4th Gen iPod Photo replaced by Apple once because it died completely, so this problem is not uncommon. If you have any remaining AppleCare left on it, I'd get it replaced ASAP.
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See "Stiction and Computer Maintenance".

I'm a little surprised that this has come back. You'd think the HD manufacturers would have learned their lesson about this in the 1980's, the last time this came up.
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Best answer: I have the same ipod, same fix. There's an image somewhere for the 4th gen ipod tool and it's just a piece of paper on a desk that says "bang ipod here."

I fixed mine by opening the case up, disconnecting the hd cable (carefully), removing the rubber/foam, then reattaching the cable and placing a piece of electrical tape over the connector secured to both sides. This keeps the cable from coming loose and has not cause any overheating issues.

Taking the ipod apart is pretty easy, just be careful- you don't want to damage the shape of the case. I used a plastic picnic knife to get around all the clips.
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Best answer: Judging by this article, it could just be a loose connector, and a more permanent fix would be to disassemble and re-seat any connectors you see.
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Response by poster: Although 'Stiction and Computer Maintenance' made for interesting reading, it was the article posted by misterbrandt that was most useful. I used a metal butter-knife to open the case, btw. All fixed now!
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