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UnderseaCablesFilter: I am in Indonesia and I cannot access my Gmail account through normal means post-Taiwan earthquake.

Many other international websites (*cough*) are available, and I can even see a "preview" of my inbox (with content from new messages, even!) by logging into the "personalized homepage" through the Google New Zealand portal (google.com/.co.id/.co.uk, etc. won't load), but I can't read the entirety of the messages: clicking on the preview box/previewed messages leads to this error message:

"The following error was encountered:

* Connection Failed

The system returned:

(65) No route to host

The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again."

I'm at an internet cafe where I can't install any new software and there's no desktop e-mail program like Outlook on this computer. Ideas?
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do you have the ability to download and run torpark? download and unzip it to a flash drive or the desktop..


if you have access to the proxy settings you could look for a free proxy server to try getting around any problems...

also check out using google as a proxy

and lastly

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also...if you have access to an rdp app...which may be SUPER useless slow for you...i could make an account on my rdp server and you'd have basically a computer to use
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Response by poster: I can't download anything. The proxy links above aren't letting me sign into my account or view "secure" (past the sign-in page) information. Maybe I'm just hosed.
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i'd be happy to login and check your mail and post somewhere, but i understand that may not be desirable...actually
got a mobile phone....if so you can access gmail from your mobile!!!
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Response by poster: Haha, thanks killyb - but I went with the "long battery life and no features" mobile back when I was equipping myself for a year in the tropics...nothing on there is crucial, and I hope it'll be up tomorrow. Thanks folks!
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I may be able to set up a quick and dirty tunnel if you're still interested, gmail in profile.
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. . . wow I really did just type that. I guess I'll watch this thread then :)
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Actually, you may want to try the "Basic HTML" link at the bottom of the gmail page, that turns off all of the fancy ajax that gmail does, may help.
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