How do I get softer jello shots?
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I need advice from a Jello shot head chef.

Last time I made Jello shots, they set way too hard, which made them difficult to consume from the plastic cups they were set in. I had previously used the traditional 1 Cup Water, 1 Cup Booze recipe.

I'd like some advice on how to control the consistency of Jello. I assume the answers will be along the lines of more/less hot water or booze, but I'd like some more specific measurements, so that it's easier to predict the consistency and adjust scale accordingly.
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The Ultimate Jell-O Shot has some pretty specific information on that.
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There is indeed science involved in the quest for The Ultimate Jell-O Shot.

The short answer: less hot water, perhaps some cold water, and more booze :)
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drat... should've previewed.
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I would suggest entirely rejecting the Jell-O paradigm, and take a true molecular gastronomy approach. Agar-agar makes a great, soft, heat stable gel, which makes Flaming Jell-O Shots all the more impressive.
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Depends on the booze used.
You can use the 1-1 ration for straight alcohols (vodka, tequila, etc.), But I've found that you need to slightly bump-up the water ratio when using liqueurs (peach schnapps, cointreau, etc.) due to their added sugary viscosity.
Just my experience, of course. YMMV.

Tequila/lime jello shooters...mmmmmm...
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