Hello Mini? This is Katana!
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Will Mini Talk To Katana? I've got a intel mac mini with bluetooth, and a Sanyo Katana cellphone with bluetooth. Is it possible to get them to talk to each other?

I want to be able to copy and/or sync my contacts from my Palm Desktop software on my mac mini with my Sanyo Katana cell phone. Right now, to do this, I'm looking at an extra $50-$60 bucks for a USB data cable and DataPoint software to get this done, but I thought if I already had the resources here at hand, why not do that and make life easier. And cheaper.
Please know that I've never used bluetooth nor wireless anything before, so feel free to give instructions as you would to a moderately bright ten year old; I won't be offended.
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I don't know about Bluetooth, but you might be able to use BitPim.
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It sounds like the included program iSync will do what you want to do.
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Set both to discoverable, pair, run isync, do a little jig, and you're done.
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Your phone has to be on this list (Apple iSync device list) for it to work with iSync.

I don't see *any* Sanyo phones on it.

However, if you get the correct software, you shouldn't need the data cable. I remember I could sync my Treo 650 with my Mac via bluetooth, but it was a bit finicky. YMMV.

Either way, you should be able to pair your Mini with your phone and send files, pictures, ringtones.
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At the risk of stating the obvious, you should at least try the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Easiest way of getting it is:

System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Devices -> Set up New Device

I'm somewhat doubtful it will help with synching contacts, but it certainly can't hurt.
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Response by poster: Just a quick note to say thanks for everyone's responses. There doesn't seem to be a piece of software that does everything (contacts, calendar, etc) that's mac compatable and Katana compatable, so I'll just struggle through and wait for either a) a better phone or b) someone to come up with something.

BitPim looks to be a great suite; I'm going to keep an eye on its progression.

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I have the Katana and a macbook. isync and BitPim will not work with this phone. You can connect the phone via bluetooth and send one contact at a time from the computer to the phone. To do this, export individual contacts from your address book, then send them using the bluetooth assistant. If you try to send more than one at a time, I don't think it receives all of them.

As far as I can tell, there's no way to get photos off the phone or sync an entire contacts list using bluetooth. I would love to buy a USB cable if I knew for sure I'd be able to do either of these!
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