Looking for a 1970's book with drawings of cats
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I'm looking for a book of funny drawings of cats from the 1970s.. I've been passed this question at christmas time by my mother, who was asked by a fellow librarian.. A friend read a picture book while at school at an Australian High School in the early 1970s that she loved and has never fogotten. She does not know the title or author but says it was about an artist who drew a cat every day and each day the cat was different. One day it was very thin and slid down grates and through bars, then the next day it was a completely different shape and so had different experiences. Does anyone remember this book?
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Kliban's "Cat"?
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This Guy?
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Kliban's Cat is readily available. Use Amazon, rather than Ebay.
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Was it Simon Bond's book of dead cats?

I'll never forget the last page of this one, which uses a line of cat heads as reflective road markers.
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the Real Dan: "Use Amazon, rather than Ebay."

Unless you're looking for the old 1976 edition, which has a completely different (and better, in my mind) cover. linky was for images, which seem to be better on the ebay than elsewhere; if you truly are looking for the old edition, you should probably buy it here.
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Norman Lindsay's Artful Cats, perhaps? Lindsay was the author of The Magic Pudding, amongst other things. I'm Australian, and had his book of cat drawings as a child; I recall his Fuzz Buzz Looking Affectionately at Toast with great fondness.
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