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What other learning programs are out there that are similar to Sauve Scholars?

The Sauve Scholars program describes itself as "an opportunity for highly-motivated people, under thirty, of demonstrated leadership potential, to come to Montreal for eight months to research, reflect, question and enlarge upon their understanding of the state of the world and their roles in effecting positive change." The program involves seminars with leaders in various fields, field trips, interaction with others from different countries, and working on a project related to social change.

What other programs out there are similar in structure and scope? Something that connects likeminded people, involves working on projects, and also involves different forms of learning such as seminars, trips, or hands-on learning, for people in their 20s? Something related to social development or creativity would be handy, but I'm open to all.

It doesn't have to be academic...the UN has yearly internships and fellowships that have a similar focus, for example. But it should be open to undergrads from anywhere in any field (in my case, I'm doing Creative Industries [writing and management], but any field is OK too, for research's sake).

Thank you!
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The WK Kellogg Foundation funds a number of leadership development programs in the United States, one was naturally based in his and my home state of Michigan.
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Response by poster: oh hello! Thanks for the answer. I didn't think anyone would notice this question...
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