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Looking for fun/easy/cheap things to eat/see/do in denver. A bit

Me: I'm 22, going to be in town from Jan 9th-12th, most likely couch surfing (via the wonderful website). I'll be hunting for a summer internship (if anyone is hiring summer law associates, let me know) and will have some lunches setup with alums from my undergrad and law school. Aside from the rubbing-elbows and pounding the pavement, what else should I be doing? I'll be somewhat poor and without any transport, aside from the public kind, so anything cheap and downtown is a plus. My tastes are somewhat ecclectic, and while I don't like everything, I do like lots of things. Whaddya got?
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I used to live in Colorado Springs, and a trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was always a treat... There's also the Coors Brewery not too far away (in Golden) that offers a tour and free beer samples.
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You can take a tour of the Mint. It's free.
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I have fond memories of Casa Bonita from my childhood. There's a hilariously accurate send-up of it on South Park. If you're in the mood for Mexican food with a Wild West floor show, it's the restaurant for you. I cannot stress enough, however, how silly the whole experience will be. You will not feel cool, but with enough booze in you, you can definitely have a ball.
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You're just in time to check out the new building for the Denver Art Museum.

Presumably you're not dead, otherwise I'd suggest this movie.

More seriously, you could check out the zoo which currently has lion cubs on exhibit, tour the Colorado Capital building, or just wander along the 16th Street Mall (the buses along it are free).

Enjoy your time in the Mile High City (my old hometown).
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If you feel like strolling around a park, Washington Park and City Park are both great. The public library and the recently greatly expanded art museum are downtown (and next to each other). I'd take the bus (which leaves from downtown) up to Boulder (approx 30 mins) for an afternoon of strolling around Pearl Street. As far as eclectic goes, I like the South Broadway area (a longish walk or take a bus)...a couple of bars down there are cool--Sputnik and the High Dive (next door to each other) and there are many used bookstores. I actually don't dig lodo (lower downtown) that much aside from El Chapultepec (great tiny jazz dive) and the Tattered Cover (independent book store). Wax Trax (record store) is good and is downtown-ish on 13th. There is some good advice in previous ask-me threads. Skip Casa Bonita if you are hungry. Feel free to email me with any questions--I just moved here but I know the area fairly well.
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Hot DAM (Denver Art Museum) Arts At Altitude and their list of some of what is going on in Denver in January, including theater, music, dance, visual arts, film, poetry and literature, science and history and other special events (scroll down for the list of free events) here.
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Wazee Supper Club great pizza LoDo
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Back before it was called LoDo, Larimer Street was hopping w/all sorts of urban flavor (skid row, coffee shops, etc.) I spent a lot of my early twenties in the area between Larimer/Market/14th Street/22nd Street. There is a lot to do in that area (Josephina's, The Market, Tabor Center) Further south is the Tivoli Brewery in the Auraria campus area.

I'm not sure if it still exists but a great place for some late night grub was Mary and Lou's on South Broadway.

Cricket on The Hill on 13th Street for music.

Do go to the Mercury Cafe. It's lost some of the luster of the eighties but Marilyn runs a tight ship and the food is awesome.

The original WaxTrax is on 13th Street as well. Check it out.

I could go on and on about my favorite city but I'm a tad out of step with the latest goings on. If you have anything specifically you're interested in, email me and I'll try and help you.
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Oh and the public transportation in Denver is top-notch.
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I just returned from visiting Denver. You should definitely check out the Denver Art museum and go first to the new wing that recently opened.
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I LOVE Denver! If there wasn't so much snow I'd move there.

I posted complete recaps of my last visit to Denver, Boulder, Golden and Colorado Springs on my blog including visits to:
  • Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum - Don't miss it!
  • Denver Public Library
  • REI's Flagship store
  • Coors Brewery tour.
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre
  • Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum
  • Colorado Railroad Museum
  • Celestial Seasoning’s tea factory
  • Boulder's Pearl Street Mall
  • Pike’s Peak
  • Royal Gorge Bridge
I've got photos, hotel recommendations and lots of opinions. I'd post more here, but it took me pages and pages to cover those topics, so it's better for me to just refer you to my links above.

Unfortunately many of the places I visited would require some form of transport. I'm sure you could get buses to some and taxis to most, but for some I'm pretty sure you'd need a rental car.

Hope it helps.

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