Where can I find history content on iTunes?
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Interesting history lectures on iTunes?

I downloaded and have been listening to the 12 Byzantine Rulers lectures on iTunes. It's great. I would like to find similar content. I'm flying LAX-EWR tomorrow and would like some similar (free) iTunes downloads, preferably Byzantine, Central Asian or Medieval European history. Any recommendations? I'm probably not the only one flying cross-country this week, so hopefully others can benefit from the answers.
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Some good content here, check out the social sciences for a couple of good history series: iTunes Berkeley.
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Stanford, as well. It was all free at one time, though I couldn't say for sure now as I am no longer on iTunes.
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I like Laqueur's History 5 a lot, but it starts from the post-medieval (or late medieval) period, so you'd probably be most interested in the opening handful. The iTunes version is the Spring series, but there's also a fall series: same topics, a few bits of changed emphasis.

(I'd suggest the BBC's In Our Time, except that the podcast doesn't archive old broadcasts.)
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This was posted to projects awhile back, and it's pretty interesting.
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History According to Bob is a clear and friendly history podcast. Topics vary wildly.
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The BBC show "In Our Time" has a podcast which might interest you. By coincidence, the upcoming program is on the Siege of Constantinople -- right up your alley.
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If you can use a bittorrent client,head over to The Pirate Bay to conduct a search using terms "The Teaching Company" or "TTC." There is a treasure trove of lectures to keep your mind engaged for a very long time.

Great Optimism,
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Here are 100 Educational Blogs - check to see if podcasts are offered.

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I like Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast.
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