Where can I download an obscure cd?
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Not-on-Itunes-Filter: Where can I download the entire cd Twila Paris' 1991 It's the Thought?

She re-recorded the title song in 2001, but I don't want that. I want the old "album." And it goes without saying I'm willing to pay for it... if I could only find it.

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I looked around - doesn't seem to be anywhere. You might try asking on here forum. Or just email her from there, I bet they have some copies in a closet somewhere.
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on "her" forum, that is.
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From your title, I assume that you're looking to download it and not buy the actual CD/wait for shipping (since that can be accomplished via the link that you posted, and on Amazon). I did find this via a Google search, but I don't belong to AOL music, so I have no idea whether or not it will work for you.
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If you don't have an issue with downloading music less-than-legally, Soulseek is always a great place to find obscure titles. In fact, I put the album on my wish list last night, and by this morning Soulseek had found a copy (though I'm not sure whether it's the re-recorded version or not).

My Soulseek name is the same as my MeFi name, so if you message me on the Soulseek network I can try to help you find it.

...And if you're not so keen on not paying for music, you could get some comfort in the fact that I paid 5 bucks to sign up and post this reply. So at least SOMEONE is getting paid :/
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