Is there a way to set up single click/right click FTPing?
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Anyone know how to set up single click/right click FTPing? I'd like an easy & cheap dialogue-box-free way to ftp images and documents to directories that I set up beforehand.
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I think this is what you want. Although playing with it, it's not clear that there's a way to save a specific location (you have to tell it each time where to put the file). Thanks for motivating me to ook for this, I've been wanting one too.
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No, I'm wrong. It saves the login, path, etc. But you do have to connect each time, and then hit "copy" to move the file over. Not a one-click solution, but close.
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Response by poster: cool, i'm playing with that program now
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I wish that ftp functionality was built into word processors, etc. so you could save to a server as if it were a local disk. Easily.
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mecran: agreed. at least the text editor I use has this functionality.

ssFlanders: curious, why did you link to tucows rather than the developer's page?
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If you're using Linux try LUFS which provides a local directory that's actually a mapping to a remote directory.

In Windows, there are programs that map drives to remote servers like WebDrive and Internet Neighborhood. You could then set up shortcuts under your users' SendTo folder to get the single click.
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CuteFTP does this for Windows. Once you have a site saved, you can right-click on any file or folder in Windows Explorer and choose to upload it via Cute.
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In Windows XP, you can save anything to ftp sites by adding the site to your list of known Network Places. Once you've done that you can ftp to a site from any program, just like you were saving a file to your harddisk.

From there, you can then alias a network place in your "Send To" menu., just like holloway described.
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