Windows RSI reminder program
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I need a program that reminds me to take breaks

I need a windows program that can be set to tell the user to take a break every x minutes and to remind the user to adjust their posture in front of their computer.
I would prefer if the program pops up a little dialog that disappears in like 10 seconds and that while it is on the screen, I can click through it.
Any other program that serves the general purpose works too.
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Google is your friend.
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Seconding workrave. Haven't been able to find a Mac equivalent, though - any thoughts?
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Via LifeHacker:

Time Out!, a freeware (donationware? I can't tell which on the page) Mac OS X app designed to remind a user to take breaks at different intervals.
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Thirding workrave. It can also gives you exercises to do to rest your eyes, stretch and walk around.
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Fourthing Workrave. Cute and nicely-designed.
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Low-tech - get a kitchen timer and set it before you start working.
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I think frequently setting a kitchen timer would exacerbate RSI.
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A good macintosh equivalent is CoffeeBreak
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Am I the only person who can see "Windows", twice, in the question?

I just set up a Scheduled Task to bring up the Microsoft Healthy Computing Guide thing (in its standalone format) every half an hour.

It would have taken about five minutes, but figuring out the hideous interface of Scheduled Tasks in Windows made it rather harder.

However, once set up it's distracting enough to be a good reminder, but instantly dismissable if you want, and any Scheduled Task can be disabled or adjusted easily.
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I use the TenPlusTwo widget -- you can set the ten and two to whatever you want. Just have to have the Yahoo Widgets Engine installed.
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AmbroseChapel writes 'Am I the only person who can see "Windows", twice, in the question?'

Think that was my fault - thanks for the recommendations, sorry to thread-jack.
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I think frequently setting a kitchen timer would exacerbate RSI.

I have no idea what RSI even is. A kitchen timer helps me immensely in not only taking breaks from the computer, but also breaks from working on art projects and not spending back-breaking amounts of time cleaning the house, etc. It's a very good low-tech solution for taking breaks and not working so hard.
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RSI = Repetitive Stress Injury

One example would be carpal tunnel syndrome.
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Use RSIGuard - it's amazing! At least, I haven't found any other prog that tells you to take breaks based on the amt of work you do, rather than just random times (eg every 20 minutes) -- it is also highly configurable and collects statistics on your mouse/keyboard use which is very illuminating.
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