What is the science behind Camel's new non-spit oral tobacco product?
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How is it that Camel has achieved in marketing a non-spit oral tobacco product when typically, that type of product has to be spit?

I ask because when I use these new Snus pouches, it gives me heart burn when I swallow it and then the hiccups every time! I question their science. Until then, I enjoy spitting them and steering clear of cigarettes.
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to the confused, it appears from Wiki that Camel Snus is being test marked only in Portland and Austin.
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Camel isn't the first to come up with the idea, but they seem to be trumpeting the name like they did. The idea has been around for quite a while - see the Wikipedia article on Snus for the history. (On preview, same link as MSN).

As for why you don't have to spit: basically because the tobacco is processed differently; steam-cured in snus vs. fire-cured for dip/chew.
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#krippledkonscious: why you don't have to spit: basically because the tobacco is processed differently; steam-cured in snus vs. fire-cured for dip/chew.

The reason you don't swallow with dip (loose snuff) or chaw is that you would swallow tobacco particles and continue to extract more nicotine from them in your stomach and get you pretty sick.

When the tobacco is in a condom teabag you don't run that risk, but swallowing the saliva extract can still upset your stomach and increase the nicotine dose. Actually the right way to use loose or bagged snuf is to shove it high up your cheek so it only gets a little saliva contact. If you do this with loose then you can swallow (as long as your saliva isn't full of tobacco particles).
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Snus, in the form that's popular in Norway and Sweden, isn't meant to be spit, but it's not meant to be swallowed either. You're supposed to put in, leave it, and take it out when you're done.

As a side note, as krippledkonscious mentions, the two types are processed differently, which makes the Scandinavian variant much less damaging to your health. From what I've heard it's mostly the nitrosamines that are bad for you, and there are, if I remember correctly, 50 times more of them in the fire-cured variant.
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How foolish of me to forget about the stepchildren teabag! Yes, swallowing shards of tobacco should be left to professionals - those who play Major League Baseball. Thanks for the reminder, MonkeySaltedNuts.

And yes, the nitrosamine content was what I was getting at, but that maybe kinda moot compared to the other point.
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Yeah, they're test-marketting it all over. It comes in a cool tin, tastes OK, and is not something I would ever buy.
But then, I'm a one-cigarette-a-month kinda guy, and they keep trying to get me hooked by "test marketting" stuff for free, so what do I know?
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See this thread from the blue.
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I'd figure your spit would still be like tobacco tea from these , no?
I remember ads on tv (long ago when such was allowed) for skoal bandits pouches which appear similar other than the steaming process I suppose. This guy doesnt seem to like them though (mid article).
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