Selling a Car Lease
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I currently lease a VW Jetta, and the term is up in November 2005. I will be heading back to school in September 2004 and I would like to be rid of the payments. If I give up the car, I pay the full amount remaining on the lease, but people have been telling me to get someone to take on the lease for the remainder of the term, but I don't know how to even go about starting to do this. Can anyone help?

If it makes a difference, I live in Ontario, Canada.
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Looks like Craigslist - Toronto has a few leases listed.
If you do transfer the lease to someone else, you should talk to VW to make sure it's all done properly. You might have to pay a transfer fee ($500-ish).
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above link might be limited to the USA only
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or LeaseTrader. Dunno about the Canada thing either.
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