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A friend of mine always receives just a fraction of the MP3 that he is sent via email.

we both have gmail, i have a macbookpro and he uses a HP laptop. I share individual songs with many friends, on many different computers and email services, this way and everyone else receives the whole file. Why would this happen? Things to try differently?
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Is your friend using the Gmail web interface, or is he getting at his Gmail account using a POP3 mail client (like Outlook Express or Thunderbird)?

If you attach an MP3 to a mail addressed to this friend and cc'd to another friend, what happens?
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Also, if you change the extension, what happens? What if you send a zip file containing the mp3? Does it open, or is there an incomplete file error?
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I had this happen a while back between a gmail account and a hotmail account, so we use an ftp and rename the file extensions to .jpg or something.

Alternatively you could try one of the plethora of online filesharing sites out there, maybe not rapidshare but something like 1 gig of free storage and you can share the account.

Doesn't get to the root of your problem though, sorry.
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Two thoughts: zip the file, or try sending with (works great for large files).
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Along the lines of chrissyboy's suggestion, if you are using Firefox consider using the GSpace extension with a new account that you share the login/password. Just place things there and leave them for pickup.
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Something that just occurred to me: I used to have occasional trouble with Gmail when sending lengthy attachments: the upload process would stall for a long time and then fail. It only happened with certain recipients, as I recall. The problem went away when I got in the habit of connecting to Gmail via instead of Perhaps your problem is related.
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Response by poster: zipping the file worked like a charm thanks much
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