please identify this image
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i am looking for any information anyone may have about the following image
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Response by poster:
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Linky Goodness for the lazy.
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and of course the not didn't belong there.

that image looks familiar to me dont_ask but let me ask some coworkers if they know what it is.
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A possibility might be that it is a depiction of Hecate a Greek witch / goddess. Wish I knew what the style of the image was in though.
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Mod note: a few comments removed, wtf people?
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Where did you get the image from?
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The subject matter reminds me immediately of the Three Fates or Moirae in Greek mythology, though they lack the typical references like the shared eye, etc. But essentially they wove, or spun, and controled the fates of man.

It looks like a very contemporary painting. I'm not sure whether you're interested in the subject matter, or the painter, style, dating, or what-have-you of the painting itself.
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Response by poster: hi everyone. i believe the first few comments were removed because i had trouble posting the image, which did not appear in the published comment even though it showed up in the preview.

this is my first post, so please forgive the orginal mistake.

to answer your questions, i originally saw this image as someone's main friendster photo. i found it very striking and saved it to my HD but was never able to relocate the person whose profile i had seen it on and ask her where she got it after that point (something which i still regret, a few years later!)

in terms of what im interested in finding out: everything! id love to know the artist and, from there, i imagine i could find out everything else id like to know such as the significance of the subject matter and the story, if any, behind the art.

im hoping someone out there has seen this image before and knows more about it than i do.
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Can you take the original filename of the friendster photo and try to decode a user ID?
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Best answer: That is a painting by Tiffany Bozic.
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for what its worth, i have it in a small book that was put out of her work by the new defunct skullz press. its one of her older pieces, her styles shifted a bit in the last few years.
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Response by poster: wonderful! ill check out her site. thank you all for your help!
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