Girlfriends against drunk driving
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Where can I find statistics about drunk driving on New Year's Eve?

Trying to help a friend settle a disagreement about the safety of driving him to the airport at 3am on 1/1, so I need some statistics and/or articles about the potential hazards of driving at that time on that day.
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The Google is your friend.

Specifically, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has some good stuff.

Also, NIH.
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well, strictly speaking, MADD has some exaggerated pseudo-stats and downright lies. All drunk-driving stats I know of do things like this:

a man has one beer and is driving peacefully home. Another (sober) driver runs a red light and hits him. This is classified as an "alcohol-related" accident.

If you're looking for scare-mongering, it's definitely out there. More people definitely die from drunk driving on New Year's, I'm not denying that. But the real danger to sober drivers from drunk drivers is going to be very hard or impossible to determine.
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I know NHTSA (Nat'l Highway Transportation Safety Admin.) has lots of info, some of which may suit your needs...
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