Christmas Lights
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Where is the best place(s) to look at christmas lights in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?
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I've never been here, but always heard rave reviews.
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As a former Interlochen resident, I implore you. Stay away.

Merry Christmas.
posted by punkfloyd at 5:40 AM on December 20, 2006

If you want over the top, Interlochen is it.

I haven't checked it out this year, but the Candleridge neighborhood in SW Fort Worth (the area around Candleridge Park, of which Misty Meadow Drive is road through the neighborhood) has always had pretty good "amateur" light displays. I live near there and that's where we go to see Christmas lights.

If you're interested but it's a long drive for you and you want me to check it out before you go, just let me know.
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The Gaylord Texan in Grapevine is an, um, interesting cultural foray into All Things Texan. Strangely fascinating.
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It's not really good enough for a trip of its own, but if you happen to be over in the Ridgmar area of Fort Worth, take a swing down Westover Drive. There's some nice old money houses along Westover that are often beautifully but subtly lit, and then the neighborhood that sprung up to the north is slightly more nouveau. They don't do gaudy over there, but some of them are done up very pretty.
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Don't go to the Gaylord just for a drive-by, though. Their outdoor decorations look like hell this year. I drive home from work that way and traffic is ridiculous thanks to the mall, so I get a good long stare at that mess every night.

Downtown Grapevine on Main Street is cute as a button, though, if you were going to be in that general area. You could always stop by the Tap Inn for some deep fried cheese stuffed olives.
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punkfloyd, did you go to Pope or Wimbish?
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If you're in Dallas you'll want to go to Highland Park. Or at least that's what we always did all the years I was growing up there.
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In Highland Park, we meander in the area around Beverly between Hillcrest and Lomo Alto. Rich folks.
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Canonically speaking, the best place to look at Christmas lights in Dallas is Swiss Avenue.

Highland Park is probably pretty good. I can't speak to the ever-multiplying suburban areas.
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mds35: Pope

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Guidelive has posted a feature on area Christmas lights. If you want to look at just one house, you might try the Trykoski's in Frisco.
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You can even take a horse and carriage around the Highland Park lights. It's just 50 yards from my dorstep so it is.
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Meh..... I cruised through Candleridge tonight and it isn't what it used to be. It's got some good houses, but it's hit-or-miss. Probably not as good as the Westover area as suggested by Lyn Never. If you decide to come out toward Candleridge, though and you want to see the all-time most overdone house, check out the one at 3499 Clovermeadow at the corner of McCart, just south of Sycamore School Road. It's just a smallish tract home, but their electricity bill for December probably equals the other 11 months combined.
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Wimbish from 3rd to 5th. Little for 6th.
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