Books about Argentine financial crisis of 2001?
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I'm looking for a good book about the political and economic crisis in Argentina (particularly Buenos Aires) in 2001. Documentaries would be good too.

I'm not an economist or anything, so it would be best if the book was very readable and for the average person.

Basically I need to have a better understanding of not just the financial crisis that struck Argentina in 2001, but other aspects of the unrest of that particular year: ie what other political groups, activist groups, protesters, etc were involved in the riots and civil unraveling.

Also interested in anything that ties/places the events of 2001 into the country's larger political/historical perspective as a whole.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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I can't recommend any books per se, but you might be interested in watching The Take, which is a documentary about a group of unemployed Argentine workers taking over the factory from which they were laid off. The director did a screening of this at my university a couple years back and it provides a really good primer on the social circumstances of the recession over there.
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And the money kept rolling in (and out) by Paul Bluestein.
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Not a book, but you might find this thread and the linked article interesting.
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You might be on the lookout for this film. I can't tell you anything more about it because I got the email regarding the screening today -- a day late.


Special screening of movie on 2001 Argentine crisis - 12/19 & 12/20
Five years after the December 2001 Argentine crisis
took place the film "NI UNO SOLO" will be presented at
the Cosmos cinema.

Screenings: December 19, 20 at 10:00pm
COSMOS cinema - Av. Corrientes 2046
Admission: $6
(English subtitles)

"NI UNO SOLO" is a documentary film that analyzes the roots of the economic, social and political crisis that resulted in the December 2001 collapse. Bringing on board the opinions of ordinary citizens and expert analysts, the documentary provides a critical look at recent history and investigates the causes that have led to the worst crisis in Argentine history.

The film provides a rare opportunity to listen to in-depth analysis on the Argentine crisis by some of the best experts in the field through interviews with renowned Argentine journalists, sociologists, economists and artists.

As part of the double avant-premiere an extended version (director's cut) of the film will be screened.

The documentary is especially recommended for those who are interested in furthering their understanding of Argentine culture, and Latin American issues in general. The December 19 and 20 screenings will have English subtitles.

All are welcome!

For more information:
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