Strange Sensation
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Sometimes a spot on my scalp crawls.

Sometimes a spot on my scalp, seemingly around the size of a quarter or two, will have a strange sensation. It's a little bit like the feeling you get when your hair is parted in the wrong direction, except that my hair isn't. It's like a crawling feeling, like someone's touching you, or even like someone's pouring lukewarm water onto the spot. Does anybody else get this? What is it?
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Response by poster: *grins* I don't think so--it's always one spot, and scratching doesn't really affect it. I feels very "in my brain", if that makes sense.
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I get that sometimes too... haven't in a while but I can relate... wish I had more to say but at least you know your not alone!
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Response by poster: I can't say that I've noticed it connected to anything. I do get migraines with visual flares, but that doesn't seem connected to the sensation.

The reason I asked today is that it's been happening for the last few hours and is a little annoying. It seems to go away if I rub the spot, but comes back a few minutes later.

I did bump my head a little doing some stage fighting earlier today, if anyone things that could be connected, although I think it has happened before without having bumped my head.
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erector pili
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Sometimes when I'm sweating a little tiny bit, even on a cold day when no other part of my body feels sweaty and I've only just exerted myself a little, I get a really itchy sensation on the top of my head from tiny tiny amounts of sweat.

Gross, I know. But I guess I sweat there first, or feel it first or something. Drives me crazy.
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You have muscles and connective tissue under your scalp, like you do everywhere else. Could just be various twinges.
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Botfly? (/devil's advocate)
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I get a sensation much like you describe when I've had too much caffeine - right along the part, like it's gonna drift off of my scalp. (under these circumstances, I usually feel like I can *feel* my fingernails grow. I"m talking six Dews in four hours)
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I get the same feeling, too (especially the lukewarm water feel). Irritating as all hell.

Mine is related to some extensive scarring on and under my scalp (everything got shifted around due to reconstructive surgery involving use of implanted skin expander balloons). So, trauma could be related. Aside from the bump on your head, do you have any long-term injuries near that spot?
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I had that for a while. I was wondering aloud to a friend what it was, and she said "let me look at your head." While she was looking, I asked her what she was looking for. "Oh, all my sisters had head lice, and I was really good at finding them." "I don't have head lice! There's no way I could have them. What do they look like?" And she plucked a hair from my head, showed it to me, and said, "like this!"

Just sayin'.
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I have had that feeling while drinking yerba mate.
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May I suggest searching the term Trichotillomania? I certainly do not mean to infer you suffer from Trich, I just think you may find good information in that area since the crawling scalp sensation is a known trichotillomania trigger.
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I've had that feeling from MSG in food.
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I get that frequently and it is similar in sensation to an eye twitch. It creeps me out. I have not found a way to relieve it either. My uneducated guess is lactic acid build-up. I have no science to back it up though.
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I get a sensation very similar to the one you're describing when I first wake up in the morning. If I don't shower within about 15 minutes of waking up, it drives me bloody insane. Might I suggest one of those deep/scalp-cleansing shampoos?

Also, I second the recommendation to read about Trichotillomania. I have an ex who has this, and she always said that's how it felt.
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