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JobTitleFilter: What would be your suggestion(s) for a job title for a quality manager + process improvement manager position?

I've been tasked with coming up with the job title for my new position.

I had been "Quality Process Manager" (maintaining ISO9001:2000) but have now gotten more responsibilities and with that a new position has been created for me. Job functions will include everything as before plus implementing a company-wide process improvement project along with the implementation of AS9120 (a more strict quality standard for distributors to the aerospace industry).

"Quality and Process Improvement Manager" had been suggested but I thought I'd throw the question to the masses before settling on it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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The goal ought to be to have a title that could in theory encompass more than you presently do, so that people can have an easier time thinking of you in an expanded role. With that in mind, whatever comes before 'manager' ought to be more about the more general role you're playing, or even the department you're in. So I suggest 'Operations Manager' if you can get away with it. If not that, 'Process Operations Manager.'
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Best answer: Any chance you could work this into a "promotion" in your title? e.g. "Director of" instead of "Manager" (maybe by using a word that's doesn't otherwise have specific meaning in the hierarchy at your workplace -- e.g. "Leader of")
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Perhaps "Quality Assurance, Compliance and Implementation Administrator"? or going with winston's suggestion maybe tag it with Director? "Director of Quality Assurance, Compliance and Implementation"
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Best answer: My workplace just hired for exactly for that position. That person's job title is "Quality Director".
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Lord High Executioner.

That way you could have your own theme song.

Imagine, everywhere you go that would be played.

And with the line: "Whose functions are particularly vital!" you will never be fired!
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