Evidence against DMR
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I recall (and might be wrong) that there was a recently released report on how Digital Rights Management didn't work - put forward in the UK, or possibly the EU. Any references appreciated (on behalf of a small colony somewhere in the south pacific, currently investigating similar DMCA type legislation)

My Google Fu has betrayed me. I tried.
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Best answer: Perhaps you're thinking of Public Innovation: Intellectual property in a digital age, published at the end of October by the Institute for Public Policy Research in the UK?

The BBC has the full PDF linked from this news article (in the sidebar titled "Policy problems").
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Did you mean the Forrester report recently released that mentioned the year on year decline in sales on i-tunes? The register have a couple of articles covering this.
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Cory Doctorow's famous DRM talk
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Maybe you are thinking of the report on the DMCA by the EFF earlier this year?
They have a good site on DRM here which you might be able to use to find what you were after.
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Response by poster: I think chrismear has provided what I was actually thinking of - but there's some great stuff in the other links and I'd like to thank everyone who responded.
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There's also some good contextual material and analysis in a couple of posts on Public Address. (You probably already saw that, but just in case...).
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