Are there adapters for monitors with DFP connectors?
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How do I connect a Compaq monitor to a Dell computer? [more inside]

I have a Compaq FP725D LCD monitor, which I believe has a DFP connector (see photo). I just bought a Dell Dimension 2400, which has a different connection (see photo). The Dell specs just say it has a "15-hole connector." Can I get an adapter to connect the monitor to the computer?
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Google "dvi to vga" adapter.
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Unfortunately that DFP connector is digital-only, and the standard VGA HD15 output on your Dell is analog. If a converter exists, it will be expensive, much like these VGA to DVI adapters. The cheap "DVI to VGA" adapters are solely for plugging a monitor with an analog VGA cable into a card with DVI, which is a hybrid digital/analog connector. Those things unfortunately won't help you.

You have two options, both of which require getting a new video card:
1. Get a video card with a DFP output. These boards are rarely available new, but you may have luck on eBay.
2. Get a card with DVI output, which can be converted to the DFP connector relatively cheaply. Most video cards sold these days have DVI outputs, even a lot of the low-end boards.

Since your Dell has onboard video, it may or may not be possible to put in a new video card. For example, it may not have an AGP port, which most graphics card made these days are made for. If that is indeed the case, you can try a PCI card.

(Pardon the jargon)
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As a follow-up, it looks like you'll have to get a PCI card according to the folks on the Dell forums.
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On preview, zsazsa said exactly what I was going to say.

But I can still recommend a DVI-to-DFP adapter over those cables (a smidge cheaper, and you already have a cable), and this video card. While it will cost a bit, the total will be less than a new monitor of any sort.
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