Where can I find cheap semi-long-term parking in nyc and boston?
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Where can I find semi long-term parking in NYC and Boston (2-3 consecutive days each) without paying too much?

I don't actually need to use the car when I'm there - I just want to drop it off and not have to worry about it until I'm ready to leave the city. I'd prefer to park somewhere closer than an airport if possible (and of course, close to a metro/T station).

I wasn't prepared for parking last time I visited NYC and had to deal with $35+/day parking.
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I can't speak for Boston, but it really depends for NYC. Are you going to be in Mid-town, Lower Manhattan, Chelsea, etc? Would you mind parking outside of the city? I believe the garage I used today in Hoboken did not have a limit on how long you kept your car for about $25, but I'm not sure. If I find a good site for it I'll post it...and its right next to the Path. Also, it may depend if you here during the weekend or weekdays.
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Last time I went to Boston I parked at Alewife station. It's at the end of the red line, right off Route 2, and has lots of $5/day garage parking.
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Consider street parking in the outer boroughs; you might find you can park your car on a well-lit, well-trafficked street that only has one street cleaning each week.
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You need to be a bit more specific as to what parts of Boston and NYC you'll be visiting, and when.

In Boston, for instance, parking spaces are actually capped by law, and the non-paying spots you would find near the downtown sights are all (to my recollection) subject to neighborhood permits. In NYC, there are parts of Manhattan where residential parking is possible, but that depends on the nature of your visit.

Can you provide some more detail about your plans?
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There's a mostly self park lot at West End (11th) and W 60th in Manhattan than charges $9 a day, and less I think if you stay over night. They also have a free shuttle to somewhere on 6th Ave. But like others have said, without knowing where you're going...
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Crabintheocean, the lot that I go to at 11th and W. 60th has been charging $25 a day for the last year. Is there another lot hidden in that complex?
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Bask in the awesomeness that is Google maps mashups. (NYC only, unfortunately for you)
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There are several blocks here in downtown Manhattan that are only cleared for sweeping for one or two hours a week. If you get lucky (as my Mom did last time she drove up) you can park all week for free on a nice quiet block. Just a matter of good timing.
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Smackfu is right on. Alewife is the best deal going for parking near T access.

(Little secret-- you can park on the street in a lot of the trolley suburbs for free just blocks from the trolley. But not between November and March because of the winter parking regulations.)
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In Fort Lee, NJ, just north of the George Washington Bridge, there are (or at least used to be) parking lots, including small ones in paved back yards, that had low prices. You walked to a bus stop and took a bus across the bridge for a low price, and took the subway downtown.

The other possibility is to drive to one of the airports and park in a long-term lot. The taxi fare into Manhattan is high, but there are inexpensive busses. You can probably do the same in Boston, and I'm pretty sure that public transport serves the airport.
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In NYC, I found a spot in the far West Village for four days or so with no problem, and the Gowanus area of Brooklyn (I used to live on 4th St b/t Smith and Hoyt) has lots of free parking 4 subway stops from Manhattan. I've also parked in the East Village for several days over a Christmas break... by parking in front of a school. No school = free parking!
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Second Alewife. Also consider the Quincy Center or Braintree garages at the other end of the Red Line, depending on where you are going to spend most of your time.
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Can you provide some more detail about your plans?

In Boston, I'd probably be near Cambridge. The Alewife sounds great, since it's directly on the red line and I wouldn't even have to transfer.

In NYC- most likely lower Manhattan, and the areas of Brooklyn and Queens that are close to Manhattan. Parking near the L would be fine, or near the A/C/E in either Manhattan or Brooklyn, etc..

Bask in the awesomeness that is Google maps mahups.

That is awesome! Have you used this before? I wonder how accurate/reliable it is.
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I was there last week paying $7.60 + tax. It is the lot opposite the building getting demolished, my receipts say 'Trump Lot 218' or something, but I think it's Central. I guess we're thinking of different places, but that's weird...
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Yes, 1 West End Ave, at 60th. Central Parking.
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You don't need to pay to park in NYC, especially if you are going to be in Brooklyn. Just find a spot on the street, and pay attention to the street sweeping signs! Related question here.
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I 4th Alewife for parking in the Boston area.

Along the same lines (of parking in the suburbs and taking a train in), I suggest that for NYC, you look into parking in a lot outside NYC, on a MetroNorth route. My personal favorite is North White Plains, because there are a few different parking options, and there are a lot of trains. I don't know exact prices, but with all the possibilities on this route, you're bound to find something cheaper than downtown. Several stations, including N.White Plains and Harrison, have free parking on the weekends.
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I'm planning to drive up to Boston for new years this year and am looking for a 4-day affordable parking spot outside the city as well. We plan to stay either in copley place or delafayette area.

I'll be traveling up I-90N - where would be the best place for me to park. A colleague suggested the parking lot at the Wellington station. Any other suggestions? Are these parking lot/garages safe? I'm not too picky about changing trains and what not to get to the city - I just want to find a decent affordable place to park my car.
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