Xbox games for 7-year-old boy?
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Xbox games for 7-year-old boy?

My nephew is getting an Xbox for Christmas (not a 360, the old one). I'm not a gamer (I think the last game I bought was Doom). What can I get him that's fun and not uber-violent?

He also has a Nintendo DS if you have any thoughts on that one. Thanks.
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Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.

Aparently Shrek 2 is "harmless, inoffensive, middle-of-the-road action for young children, and there aren't too many other games around that fit that bill with much success," though I've never played it myself.

I'd recommend some sports games but they might be a bit hard for a seven year old, I don't know. Pro Evo Soccer 5 is ace.

Simspon's Road Rage?

Also: Top 10 kid Games on Xbox.
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I'd recommend any of the tony hawk series and lego star wars 2.

you can always check out gamespot and ign they'll have enough information available for you to conclude if they are right for your nephew.
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Lego Star Wars I & II

The second game covers the original trilogy, the first game is the prequels, so obviously you want the former if you're only getting one.
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As far as the ds goes, Mario, Yoshi's Island and wario ware are essential.
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Crash Nitro-cart is a good one or two player racing game for kids.
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DS: Mario Kart DS.

Xbox: Seconding the two Lego Star Wars games. I've not played the Xbox Super Monkey Ball, only the GameCube version, but the single-player might be a bit frustrating for him depending on how good he is at computer games in general. The multiplayer stuff is great though.
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Any games with a dancemat (e.g Dance Dance Revolution). Get two dancemats.
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I just want to caution against combining two of the suggestions: do not get the Lego Star Wars game for the DS. It blows on that platform, but it got good reviews on the full-size systems.
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I'd recommend any of the tony hawk series

I would recommend AGAINST the Tony Hawk games. A couple years ago my 9 year old nephew was playing one and he found a secret spot inside a strip club complete with pole dancer. His Mom happened to walk in at the same time. Let's just say I'm still hearing about it. While they are generally tame, there is the occasional thing that is not kid friendly. There's a reason they're rated T.

My nephew likes Need for Speed Underground. While the story mode seems adult the game is rated E and his mom never had a problem with anything that he saw. As a bonus it was really neat to see him work so hard at the story mode to unlock stuff so he could customize his car (his favorite part of the game).

Also good are the sports games, either EA or 2k Sports (my and my nephew's favorite being the former). Amped 2 is good clean fun if he's into the extreme sports.
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Pocket Bike Racer? It's that game that was $4 at Burger King, Apparently there's versions for both the xbox and the 360. It looks pretty fun, and might provide that Tony-Hawk-like gameplay, without the strippers.
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Pocket Bike Racer is absolutely terrible. If you're going to get a Burger King game, Big Bumpin' is an infinitely better choice.

There's a whole lot of all-ages stuff on the DS. New Super Mario Bros., WarioWare Touched!, Mario Kart DS, Puyo Pop Fever (if you can find it)... the list goes on, really.
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Any of the Sponge Bob games, but my kids liked Sponge Bob the Movie best. Dance, Dance, Revolution is popular too. By the way, Simpson's Road Rage is definitely too violent for a seven year old.
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At, you can search for reviews based on platform, age appropriateness, and rating on a scale of 1 to 5. I just got some useful results by plugging in "xbox," "6+," and ratings higher than 4. The reviews include commentary on how well kids should like the game.
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I will second (and third, and fourth) the Lego StarWars games. I have an 8 year old who would happily play those games 24 hours nonstop if he were allowed.
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I'll second the Lego Star Wars 2 suggestion. My 6 year-old son loves it, and so do I. Great game.
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The original Blinx game (Blinx: The Timesweeper) was pretty good, as I recall.
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Sneak King. It's only $3.99 at Burger King! Seriously, the plot requires you to sneak up on people and surprise them with fast food!
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Oh, and second Pro Evolution Soccer - which I believe is called Winning Eleven in the US.

If the Xbox came with the original (i.e. big) controller, I'd also recommend the Controller S (so called because it's smaller). Personally, I think it's a better controller, and perhaps more suitable to a child's hands.
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I suggest a gamecube for $50 on Ebay. Zelda, smash bros, all kinds of great, kid appropriate stuff.
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Fuzion Frenzy is a pretty fun party game. Grooverider: Slotcar Thunder is a slotcar simulation racer. Both should be fairly cheap if you can find them.

I've heard good things about Shrek 2, but stay away from the first one as it's a nightmare. The 3D Pac Man platformer is also annoying. Actually, most platformers seem to suck so I would avoid any without serious praise.

The Burnout series is great, but may be too complicated for him.
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get him burnout revenge. fantastic. absolutely not too complicated for a seven year-old.
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SSX Tricky. Snowboarding game, and under $20.
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GameTab does a great job of gathering up the reviews for most released title and assigning them a positive rating percentage. It's sort of like Rotten Tomatoes. Here's GameTab's list for Xbox games ordered by Rating. They have a list for the DS as well.
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My nephews 5 and 8 love the burnout games for ps2, I dont know what is equivlent on the xbox but they just think crashing cars and getting points for it is the funnest thing ever.

They also really like some of the newer Marvel Vs Capcom Street Fighter games, playing spiderman is pretty fun for some reason.

On the DS, mario seems to be a safe bet, I actually got my nephews hooked on brain age after they saw all the adults having so much fun with it, if youre into educational games its a safe bet.

Other games they like, simpsons road rage, alien homonid on GBA (imported), pokemon on the gba, any of the street fighters, NBA Street, etc... Ive tried to get them to play fps shooter multiplayer games so I can play with them but jumping shooting and walking seems to be way too much to handle.
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