Easy Windows backup software using remote storage?
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I'm looking for very easy to use Windows backup software that backs up to a remote (FTP or SFTP) site. Essentially, something as dead-simple and friendly to use as Mozy, but that allows you to specify your own storage.

Simplicity of use is essential (initial setup can be complex). Don't even think about mentioning rsync or subversion. The target user is someone who probably has ten copies of Bonzai Buddy. They need to be able to right-click a folder and restore it to a previous state, or open the backup program and restore a deleted folder.
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You can use WebDriveto configure the FTP site as a Windows mapped drive, which will then appear in Windows Explorer. Would that help?
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I use Syncback.
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Second Syncbank. Fairly easy to use, and doesn't rely on explorer shell extensions for FTP access like WebDrive does (shell extensions, in my experience, are buggy; WebDrive in particular caused me no small amount of grief).
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I also use syncback. Its perfect for backing up to my NAS. It also allows you to use FTP.

I found it VERY easy to use, now everything backs up automatically. And I am no longer paranoid.
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I use the extension program SFTPDrive for my professional life and have found it to be rock solid, though I am typically pumping 3-30M through it, not several gigs like a backup solution might require. They're giving away a 3 gig for -life- account on Strongspace with registration right now, which ain't such a bad deal.

Personally I wouldn't push data I considered even marginally secret across unencrypted FTP... I do like SyncBack however.
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Cobian Backup - http://www.educ.umu.se/~cobian/cobianbackup.htm

Nice big icons. Scheduled backup to a directory (which can include a windows share), FTP site, or "manually" (although I don't know what that means exactly).

Compression, proprietary encryption. I've been using it for awhile without problems.
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Confession: I used my wife's account as a sockpuppet, but she let me.

I'm going to play with these - they look great. As long as I'm asking - how about for Mac? I'm currently backing up using the rsync-snapshot method, but I'd love something a bit more client-side-friendly (until Time Machine comes along at least).
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