Artists inspired by U.S. national parks?
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Who are some relatively modern (1950s+) and famous artists whose work was inspired by national parks in the U.S.?

I'm researching fine artists from the 1880s to the present whose work was inspired by America's national parks.

I think I already have most of the obvious ones - Ansel Adams, Georgia O'Keefe, Thomas Moran, Frederick Church, Winslow Homer, and Audobon - along with a few others (Thomas Ayers, Henry Fukuhara, J. Alden Weir).

It's been harder to find more recent ones though. I'm thinking mostly painters and photographers, but other media are welcome too. Any ideas?
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Response by poster: I should add: visual only (no writers).
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Monte Nagler - he isn't purely National Park based, but he did study with Ansel Adams and has a similar style.
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The National Park Service runs an Artist-In-Residence program.

I remember reading about it the last time I visited the Indiana Dunes, and in looking it up just now it seems like an extensive program. If you contact someone involved with running it, maybe they could provide the names of better-known participants?
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Chiura Obata is pre-1950 (much of his work inspired by Yosemite was produced in the late '20s) but his prints seem very modern, a mix of traditional Japanese and California plein-air styles.

Of course, he lived until 1975, I think, and certainly produced plenty more work that was at least vaguely influenced by the parks specifically; much of his work is very strongly influenced by the Sierra Nevadas in general.

Also, in the past decade, Michael Schwab has made a number of prints for various northern California national recreation areas and other places; his style is more moderne than modern.
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David Hockney did a few mega-photo-collages of National Parks which look similar to the one on the splash page of his website, here

I'll snoop around a bit and see if I can find one.
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Bam! He's also done a number of paintings of the Grand Canyon--just Google 'david hockney grand canyon' and you'll find a good selection.
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As always, Ask Joan of Art.
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Response by poster: Great, these are exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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Maynard Dixon's bio and some of his work

At last,
I shall give myself to the desert again,
that I, in its golden dust,
may be blown from a barren peak
broadcast over the sun-lands.

If you should desire some news of me, go ask the little horned toad whose home is the dust,
or seek it among the fragrant sage,
or question the mountain juniper,
and, by their silence,
they will truly inform you.

Maynard Dixon
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Not technically a national park, but Jim Brandenburg spent 90 days or so in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness taking only one picture a day. There was a PBS documentary made about it. I can't find a link to it, unfortunately.
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