"Louisiana SOS" Shirt?
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About a year ago, someone was selling a t-shirt with a red background and a white state of Louisiana with "SOS" carved out of it. Who was selling it and are they still available? EBay returns nothing and Google searches mostly bring references to the Secretary of State.
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I think I saw that shirt on Threadless.com. I can't seem to find it, but I did find this one. (Sadly, it seems to be sold out.)
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Best answer: This is it. (Scroll down one) The link seems to be broken, though.
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Mule Design had been selling it, but no longer has them in stock. The rest of their shirts are at store.muledesign.com.
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Yeah, I made that. It was a limited run and we sent the profits from the sales to the Red Cross. It got a good response and we were able to send them a few hundred dollars.

If you're interested; we're currently selling a shirt to benefit The Global Fund. (pardon the pimping)
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...I just checked. We sent the Red Cross $570 from the profits of that shirt.
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