seeking psychatrist in the Los Angeles area
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A relatively shy MeFi member (and you know I'd admit it if it was me) is looking for advice on finding a good psychatrist in the Los Angeles area. More interested in talking therapy than medication, though not ruling anything out.

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Talisman, Fred R - Talisman Institute
(310) 374-0372

He's in Marina Del Rey. Good for personal issues and couples counseling. Not a MD, but good for easy talking therapy.
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I've never been to him but I've read his books and benefited from them. He's anti-medication. William Glasser is in Chatsworth California. I have no idea if that is near LA or not.
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Does the person in question have experience with a shrink outside of LA? It would be worth asking for a reference from someone s/he already knows; I would think that would offer a somewhat better chance of compatability.
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Sounds like what is wanted is a clinical psychologist. Psychiatrists these days mostly diagnose, prescribe and manage the meds. Of course I know this from personal experience.

If meds do turn out to be required it is still usually really important to have a therapist as well as a pdoc.

Altho it is a great idea to try to get by without meds if possible, I don't really recommend going to someone who is rabidly antimed. If it turns out meds are really necessary you have wasted time and money-and also may be further wounded by the process.

If you or the shy Mefi person wants to ask me anything privately, I have an email addy in the profile (be patient-I check that one only once every day or two.)
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Explorer user, huh?
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FWIW, my old roommate was/is a psyche MD at UCLA. The 3rd & 4th year residents have to see patients privately as part of their program; and since it's a school-sponsored program, they charge, like, ten bucks a session. Mental health can be expensive and is (sometimes) under-covered by traditional medical plans. Might be worth looking into, as these docs do both cognitive and prescriptive treatments. You'll get an hour of therapy a week, the ability to have your therapist write a prescription should you need it, it won't cost you an arm and a leg, and UCLA medical center is one of the best in Southern California.
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I'd like to find someone in the Cincinnati area who is accepting of homosexuality. Any ideas?
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Do you mean a psychatrist or just a Cincinnatian?
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