I lost my turkey recipe...who took my turkey recipe...I'll find my turkey recipe
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I'm looking for a recipe for rolled / stuffed turkey breast that was published in (a Christmas edition of?) Australian Better Homes and Gardens magazine some time in the last few years (which I've since lost). Please hope me!

The recipe involved removing the breasts from a turkey buffet, butterflying them, then stuffing them with celery, citrus rind and various other stuffing-type ingredients. The breasts were then rolled, tied, and pan fried (then maybe oven roasted - I don't remember). A give-away for the right recipe - the sauce/gravy to accompany the turkey contains vermouth.
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Is this it?
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Actually no, it's probably not. No vermouth. The only thing I could find of BHG Australia's site with vermouth that comes close is this, although it's a chicken recipe, so it's probably not what you're looking for.

My only other suggestion is to contact them using the e-mail address on this page and ask them if they have a copy of the recipe they can give you.

I hope you find your recipe. Good luck, and merry Christmas!
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If BHG doesn't respond to an email, you could try a couple options:

- Go to a local library and ask if they have back issues of the magazine or a way to access them
(I'm don't know how the public library system works in Australia, but in some places in the US, they'll have back issues of popular magazines, or at least [and better yet] an online database of the articles).
- Also, (not sure if it's this way in Australia either, but worth a shot) If you're at an university [or just live near one] see if you could access their online databases of magazine articles...
(I checked a DB from my college for American BHG and didn't find anything similar to your description).
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