Mobile Office for MotoQ?
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Can I buy Microsoft Office Mobile? Where?

My work just bought me a MotoQ, which is great. But it doesn't include Office Mobile, which would be a real benefit (as would being able to Sync to Mac, but that question's been asked elsewhere). Trouble is, the oh-so-helpful Microsoft site doesn't seem to indicate if it can be bought separately, and Google's been no help to me.

Is it even possible to buy it when it doesn't come pre-installed on the smartphone? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for equivalent software? I really only need something that can edit .doc files, and sometimes .xls (but I can live without that). Any ideas?
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This is is a great listing of programs available for the Q. There are some office substitutes but they run pretty slow I think...

Best of luck with your new Q, I know I love mine...

If you need the mobile office applications- get a treo 700w or the xv6700.
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