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Religion-Online-Filter: Help me find good religious websites, blogs and online communities.

I’m researching the migration of religion (broadly construed) online, 1980s to the present. I was hoping that Mefites could point me in the right direction. I’m interested in: a) early faith-online initiatives from the 1980s or early 1990s; b) popular, traditional (static, ‘web 1.0’) faith-online sites from the 1990s; c) newer, P2P (‘web 2.0’) faith-online sites (Metafilter for the faithful?). Suggestions, anyone?
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Previous AskMe on a similar topic. Wabash Center Guide to Religion and Theology Online Resources might be another place to start.
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RelevantMagazine: A on and offline magazine whose tagline is "God. Life. Progressive Culture." I'm not sure if the forum community is that active, but Relevant's popularity is certainly growing.

CCM Magazine is steeped in old-fashioned kitcsch caught in the struggle of attaining relevance. Their forums bustle.

Ship of Fools and The Wittenburg Door have the market cornered on satirical discussions/communities, and Slactivist is a one-man-show holding the fort for academically and liberal-minded Christians. Oh, and if you're into porn, is on fire right now.

But that's all currently-existing stuff. Archived, old material? That's a tough one. You might be better off posting on any one of the above-listed forums and asking them.
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Australia's Radio National has archives of their radio shows on religion going back nearly ten years, there might be something for you there. Start with The Religion Report and see also the "related programs" linked on the right.
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