Movies on your wrist. It's not just for friendship bracelets anymore
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So I just got this super cool new watch that plays up to 2gigs of videos on it. It's like Dick Tracy minus the villains. Only problem? The program that comes with the watch makes you encode the videos into something called NXV format. And it's not working right. What can I do about it?

The plan was, get the watch. Be the envy of all the TV people in my office. Possibly, with the aid of some video editing, even include video messages from my future self on the watch to freak out people I convince that aliens gave me the timepiece. In all, totally worth the 129 buck plus shipping. And, to be clear, this is the actual watch I bought, the 2 Gig version right here: Badass watch

Now here's the problem.

The watch needs to watch something called NXV files. They include a program called NXV converter, but it both flips all my files as a negative of themselves, makes them come out upside down AND increases the file size. Substantially.

What is the deal with this format? I have Anyvideoconverter and 3GP converter. They both work pretty well. Can either of those work for me? What are my options here? I only have a week left to lord this thing over people at Christmas parties so please let me know your ideas ASAP.
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Step 1. Install Linux

I keed. This might be obvious, but have you checked with the manufacturer to see what they can tell you? Chances are you aren't the first person to have this problem. If you are, you might be able to get it replaced with one that works.
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This post features links for codecs that are supposed to help you with your problem, but there's no clear instructions on how to help you with that particular problem.

Man, now I want a futurewatch.
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Boy, I am a complete idiot. I meant " to help you with the flipping and wronging and the etc."

Cold. Medicine.
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Wow. That is so cool & nerdy. Let us know if you get it working. I'd love to run some electricsheep on my wrist.
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Response by poster: The manufacturer is clearly in some Asian country and the manual seems to have been printed after they ran it through babelfish

So I'm not expecting a ton of help here on their end.
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