Netflix: Adding secondary account holders as friends
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Netflix: If I am a secondary account holder, can I add another secondary account holder to my friends list?

I tried contacting Netflix but they keep feeding me canned answers that do not solve my dilemma.

I am a secondary account holder (girlfriend is primary). I have a friend I would like to add to my friends list who is also a secondary account holder on HIS girlfriend's account.

In order to add a friend to my friends list, I have to supply the friend's email address so Netflix can send them an invitation. Problem is, secondary account holders do not have email addresses stored in Netflix's database.

I'm thinking this is not possible to do but I figured I'd ask here in case someone knows some trick to do so.

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Not sure if you've already tried this, but Netflix also gives you a link for your friends to click on. I haven't tried it, but I'm assuming Netflix would just ask your friend to log into his account. The e-mail is simply a way for you to send that link to your friends via e-mail. In any case, it's worth a shot and it takes maybe all of 20 seconds.
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Just following up since I figured it out.

You need to set up your username as an email address.
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