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How can one listen to the Ashes and/or live UK football online in a country other than UK- given that the BBC screen out people abroad?

The BBC does not allow anyone that they detect as being outside the UK to listen to their live commentary. I have tried and failed to play about with the proxy settings advised by someone with more tech savvy than I so looking for alternatives to the Beeb. Is there an Australian or other outlet not as stringent (I'm not in either Australia or UK) that I can listen to online commentary of the Ashes. Same question applies for Scottish soccer? Cheers.
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or live scores from foxsports or cricinfo
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The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) has coverage of the ashes that can be streamed.
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Thanks for speedy suggestions, however ABC is screening out non Australian IP's. I have the Guardian's over by over report up so might be me and the refresh button again.
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Cricket Australia doesn't allow the ABC to stream outside Australia because they're now offering a paid TV streaming service. They seem to charge about $A20 per match (that is, for the full five days). I haven't been able to give it a go myself, but I've read that the service is quite good.

If you really want to try and listen to ABC or BBC streams then you can try and find some open proxies to abuse, but it's all quite a hassle (some of the old threads here about getting world cup coverage might give you some ideas). If you wish to delve into greyer areas of broadcasting, then you could look into (again, I haven't tried it).
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Ooops! Looks like my link to the Cricket Australia service,, got swallowed!
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Ashes-specific recent thread.
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this is a lot like a world cup askmefi. i tried the whole uk proxy to stream bbc stuff, and i never got it to work for the bbc stream. i did watch some big brother live, but i couldn't listen to the world cup.

good luck.
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Thanks ibmcginty- essexjan's recommendation in previous thread seems to work!
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Upon further investigation, it would also seem that the ABC's only doing IP checks on the web-server, and that the actual Real Audio and Windows Media servers aren't restricting access (at least, not right now!). Try the ABC Cricket links from here.
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