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Trying to find specific designer sheep gifts seen in a store on Nantucket.

Two years ago I was on Nantucket Island with my wife in an art gallery/craft store. (It was a little upscale to call a craft store, but they were selling crafty type things.)

The thing my wife liked was these little sheep or lambs. They were like stuffed animals, and came in multiple sizes, from about one foot long to about three feet long. They were about $50 for the small size. They were softer than a child's stuffed animal. They were a little floppy, bright white with some accent colors, and if I had to guess I would say they were down-filled.

They were made by a specific named artist/designer, and I don't believe the artist was local to Nantucket, and so they were also available elsewhere - meaning you might have seen them even if you haven't been there.

I think the store we saw them in was on either Orange or Main Streets, but I'm not sure.

I made a note of the artist at the time and intended to get one for my wife, but forgot and no longer have the name. If I have to I will start calling possible stores at random on Nantucket - any better ideas?

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Do any of these look at all familiar?
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Response by poster: No, but that was a very useful site. I can knock some of those off the list if I have to start calling round, and just sifting through reminded me of some additional details that may help describe the store on the phone to Nantucket vendors.

Thank you, cerebus19.
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