Toenail torment
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Does anyone know if it is customary for nail salons to trim toenails?

The one I go to sometimes does and sometimes does not. Is it appropriate to ask? I keep my toenails in good shape, but would prefer to get them trimmed during a pedicure.
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They always trim and file mine, don't have to ask.
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It's always appropriate to ask. Usually they do trim toenails, but some don't for health reasons (ingrown toenails). If you ask to have your nails trimmed, be sure to ask that they cut the nails straight across and don't shape them.

There are tons of little things that salons sometimes offer automatically -- for instance, callous shaving -- that other salons don't offer unless you ask. Almost always for health reasons.
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My place will usually ask me; it's more like they'll ask me if the nails are on the longer side. A lot of women don't trim, I think; they just file and let them grow and grow and grow. So yea, definitely ask.
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Mine always asks (I've always thought it strange -- yes, of course I want them trimmed, but then I've noticed that some ladies leave them long, sort of fingernail-ish!) If yours doesn't ask, speak up! They are your toes, after all, and you are paying the bill -- it must be included in the price.
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It's absolutely appropriate to ask. The reason they may not do it everytime is that toenails are prone to ingrowth and many individuals prefer to trim their own rather than risk the possibility of that pain.
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Yes - I find that at Vietnamese places they say "cut them down?"
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Yes, it's totally normal! The places I've had pedicures have all done it, though they do ask first if my nails are already fairly short. I can't imagine that a pedicure would look very good without first making sure that nails are trimmed and smooth and even.
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Yep, it's normal. In my case, there usually isn't much to snip (that long fingernail-ish style really squicks me out) so they'll just give them a nice, smoothing filing. If they don't do it, I'd totally ask.
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Mine always asks - similar to thinkpiece above, I've noticed other ladies at the salon who leave them long - most of these women are getting French manicures on their toes (!).
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