I'm going on an epic trip to the Mideast and I need some help!
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Travel filter! Researching a trip next year to Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Mideast and Iran. Any visa/general travel suggestions?

I've been to Morocco, and that'll be simple. I'm curious about getting visas to Algeria, Libya and Iran, and about the feasibility of border crossings between all the aforementioned countries. Any suggestions?
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...and your passport is from what country?
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Are you an American citizen?
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Here's a comment from an earlier post that might also be of help to you.
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Egypt is no worries if 1. you're flying in and 2. you have an American passport. If you go to Israel, don't let them stamp your passport. I can't comment on anywhere else, aside from the fact that Iran is consistently a pot of trouble for my colleagues that try to work there, and they have institutional support, so I can imagine that it wouldn't be the most fun thing to try.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I'm from the USA.

The Michael: Yeah, I've heard about the Israeli stamp hindering entry to other Mideast countries. I'm trying to decide what to do about that. It's pretty whack, but then again I really want into the countries that might not like it.

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Response by poster: I assume your colleagues are journalists, The Michael The?

I would think a tourist visa would be easier, no?
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Response by poster: I saw that thread, reenum. I'm more curious about entering/visa issues.

But thank you for the tip. It was interesting.
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Best answer: Syria is fantastic, the whole place, really. It is worth adding to your itenerary.

Do not go to Israel. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with going there, it's just that they may turn you away if they even suspect that you have been there. After you're done with Iran you can fly to Amman and then take the bus to Israel, but I just wouldn't risk it before hand. If you even have a Jordan entry/exit stamp (or two which will really set off their alarm bells) then they may give you the 20 questions.

Border crossing into Iran will have to be by air, unless you have some sort of death wish!

Where are you located in the US? Everything is a lot easier if you live in DC or New York and can go to embassies/consulates directly. I suggest you start now, each embassy will take your passport for a couple weeks for processing. Be sure you get multi-entry visas and plenty of time on each one so that they don't expire before you reach that point.
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Response by poster: Pollomacho:

Thanks much. That's great advice. I guess maybe I should avoid Israel till the last stop.
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Border crossing into Iran will have to be by air, unless you have some sort of death wish!

There are trains from Aleppo, Syria and Istanbul to Tehran: details here. Not too pricey, either.

The above website also has details on trains in Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Israel, and Turkey.
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