Printing/Saving Protected PDFs
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Printing/Saving Protected PDFs

I want to print and save PDFs that are posted in a form that prevents this. The images have the extension PHP.

The images are of Mozart's manuscripts. Since he died in 1791, any copyright has long since expired, yet the site asserts a spurious copyright.

They don't copy into Word or various graphics programs, either. Other than tediously scraping screen-shots to the clip board, is there any way to print or save these? Does the full Acrobat program do this? Or something else?

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Will this work?
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I've used a-pdf restrictions remover to do this job. They offer a time limited trial.
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I'm wondering if what you're looking at is really an Acrobat file. Not to say it can't happen, but I've never come across a PDF file with the PHP extension. PHP is an internet scripting language. Do you have a link that you could post here?
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SteveInMaine -

The link is here. It's very slow loading.

This is truly strange. I displayed the whole thing on my computer at home (over an hour on a cable modem), but when I tried to print it (on an LJ1300), all I got was the page numbers between the image pages. I also tried to save it, but when I loaded the image, I also got only the page numbers.

At work (T1, LJ4200), it prints (overlapping the page edges). However, only the first page of each set loads.
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I couldn't any of the PDF links to display, and it's all coming up very slow. From what I can see though, it doesn't look as though they're actually presenting the PDF, but their software is somehow rendering an image of the PDF in your browser. This looks very inefficient to me. Kind of a shame that they're complicating this so much.

After a bit of googling, though, I found that the U.S. Library of Congress has a few Mozart manuscripts on their website. Here's an example of the size you can get there. By right clicking on the image you can save it to your PC.

Here's a link to the two manuscripts I found at the Library of Congress.
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