Buying pizza boxes in Toronto
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Looking for a place to buy pizza boxes (for mailing LPs) in Toronto.

Looking at web sites or local businesses that sell cardboard boxes, I can find LP mailers or similarly-sized boxes for about a buck each or more.

But on web sites that sell pizza boxes of the same size, they can be as little as 25 cents each. But these are all in the US so shipping cost brings it back up to the same price as the LP mailers. Besides, I'd like to just pick some up tomorrow.

My method of asking at the counter at pizza shops has not yet found someone who knows where the boxes come from.

I can find local lots of restaurant suppliers online or in the yellow pages, but none that explicitly indicate that they have pizza boxes. And the ones I've asked don't.
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How many do you need? Can't you just buy them from the pizza shop? I've bought them from Amato and Cora before, but that was years ago. You'll have no luck at a chain place as it has their stamp on it and they don't know what you're gonna do with it. Amato's are blank, however.
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Depending on how many you need, you could probably just hang around a local pizza place and offer one of the drivers a few bucks to steal some unfolded boxes for you. I know when I worked at a pizza place, I would have been happy to make some money on the side like that, anyway. Don't ask at the counter, though. You're more likely to get someone management-y there.

Of course, that probably won't work if you need a lot of boxes, but it might hold you over until you can find a legitimate source.
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The local Little Caesar's just gave me a bunch of them when I did the same thing a couple of years ago. I think I just phoned them and started the conversation with "This is going to be your weird request of the day..." I'd offer to pay something (purchase them), but don't be surprised if you get someone nice who just gives them to you.
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Yeah, I'll try that for today's supply but I was looking for 50 to 100 of them
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What you need to do is find a cash and carry food distributor, which is essentially just a retail store for small scale sellers of food in various forms. Once you find one, you can probably just walk in and then tell them your business name at the checkout (or make something up) in order to convince them to sell to you (as they probably have big signs stating that they won't sell the the general public). You'll probably want 13" boxes, since 12" boxes are too small in my experience. Some places won't stock 13" boxes as even dimensioned boxes are more common, but they might be able to order them for you if you are willing to take a few bundles. Each bundle contains 50 boxes and costs somewhere around $18.
A search for "cash carry" in the Yellow Pages brings up a few results to get you started. You could also call likely looking candidates in the wholesale grocers category, who will be able to direct you to the proper place if they don't carry pizza boxes. Alternately, I've been able to acquire pizza boxes from a packing supplies company, but it was more work than just dropping in at the cash and carry and the boxes cost a little more.
Once you start shipping, make sure the records are well secured and protected inside the box. I recommend bubble wrap tight around the LP and then taped down to the bottom of the box (Staples is probably the best bet for very small quantities, but try a packing supplies company for larger volumes).
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Do you have Gordon's up there? (GFS)? Otherwise, y'know, the boxes cost the pizza joint less than a dime. When I worked at a pizza spot, I "sold" empty boxes for 50ยข to some local jazz heads without any problem. Order a delivery, ask for extra boxes (acknowledge the weirdness) and tip well.
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You might want to try a place called McCall's in Mississauga. They sell boxes and stuff for caterers and restaurants. It's worth a shot.
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I found that I can buy them at Skor Cash & Carry on Logan south of Gerrard (they have other locations too). $23.50 for 50 14-inch boxes. Not quite as cheap as I hoped but being within walking distance of my home is a big plus.
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(BTW, you must have an Ontario vendor's permit to shop at Skor)
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