RSS feed to track an investment portfolio?
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Looking for a site where I can enter a portfolio (stocks and funds) and generate an RSS feed that gives daily breakdowns of how each stock is doing.

I'm a very hands-off investor, but I have some high-risk stuff and I'd like to make sure my IRA doesn't take when I'm not paying attention.

I've seen this thread, but I'm hoping in the last year something's changed online. I'd rather not do individual feed subscriptions for each stock in the portfolio, but rather get one update a day at markets' close telling me what's up. The more options, the better, of course.

I remember reading about one new site about a month ago. It was about investing, but with a social/community aspect. Very web 2.0, and it was the first thing I thought of when this question occurred to me. But, I can't find any reference to it now. In case this will generate the RSS I need, can anyone help my memory?
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Ooh, erm, hey, so I changed my search terms on Google and found this: It looks like it has a lot of good stuff, so I'll broaden my question: does anyone have experience with any of the sites listed there? Would you recommend one over another?
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I just hit up every day I want to check how the market did. I have the market overall, then my few mutual funds on the left side. It's customizable, and doesn't require a login (but does require registration, it just remembers who you are, but stocks aren't privileged info, so it doesn't ask for password). Takes a total of 2 minutes, with very quick access to graphs or anything else you need.
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I know my answer may not be what you are after although if you buy Morningstars premium service, it does exactly what you customize the view to show. I've been quite happy with it. I thin you can try it for fee for 30 daysHope this helps.
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