and no spotlights on the front of the house. mom did that when I was a kid and it was annoying.
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Help me decorate the outside of our house for the holidays!

Our house has a large enclosed front porch that takes up the entire front of the house. In the past, I have hung a wreath under the center window of the porch (even though it's not centered on the front of the house), and stretched fake pine garland to the edges of the house, bringing it up to underneath the window at two or three places. At each place where it's been brought up, I put a red bow and a big (6") red ball ornament.

It looks nice, but I've done that every year for almost six years now and need a change.

I only have a few ideas, but when you take into consideration (a) Mr. Lucinda doesn't like Christmas lights on houses, (b) I don't like inflatable/animatronic/plastic lawn displays, and (c) I don't really want to spend a lot of money on this, that takes away just about all the ideas I do have.

So please help me, o hive mind.
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Luminarias. OK, they're not cheap ($30/set), but they're simple and classy.
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What about a Christmas Tree on your front porch? Make it a real one if the weather permits, especially of you have a fake one inside.

Otherwise, go to a shop with Christmas decoration sales on and wander the isles. You're bound to find some inspiration.
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If you do luminarias, go homemade: brown paper lunch sacks, the end folded down a little like a hem. Put sand in the bottom and then center a tealight in the bag. Beautiful and super cheap.
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Seconding luminarias. And even if cost wasn't an issue, the plastic ones look ridiculous; go for the real thing.
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I have to second the real tree on the porch. I did it this year right outside the slider to my kitchen and its beautiful. People love it and it adds a lot of interest. Plus its relatively inexpensive.

As for luminaries, Now I'm considering making some! Is there ANY way you can think of to replace the candle with an electric light that will come on with all the other lights? Seems like it would be a wiring nightmare.
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