Help my find my favourite shirt
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Help my find my favourite shirt

Long-shot-filter, but ... my favourite shirt is falling apart and I would love to buy another one just like it, only I don't know anything about who made or or who might sell it.

You can see what it looks like here -- click for larger pictures.

It's made of some quite heavy, almost denim-thick cotton material and has metal buttons like the ones on button-up Levi jeans. Its only identifying marks just say "Clover" or "Clover Casual Wear". It doesn't have any label inside the shirt, just what you see in the pictures. Oh and as you can see it's XXXL, but I suspect it was made in China, it's more of an XL compared to my other clothes.

For some reason I love this shirt inordinately and if anyone can tell me how to track down another one just like it, I'd be very happy. I'd buy ten shirts exactly the same if I could. Second best would be a recommendation for something very like it I suppose.

Candidates for the new "commenter did not read post" flag will not read this, but I bought it at a market stall and yes, I went back and asked, but no, the stallholder can't help me at all.
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You might want to check out brands like Hard Yakka from Australia - it seems a lot like this shirt.
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Absent anything better, I would suggest taking the shirt to a good tailor and asking them to make a copy (or copies -- probably would be cheaper per unit) of the shirt. A skilled tailor can use any of several methods to directly and exactly copy an existing garment, rather than trying to find a pattern that may not precisely match what you want. They'll also have the machines capable of sewing through fabric that thick.
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