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Looking for creative writing classes in the DC area. I have DC residency, so community college classes in MD/VA are out. I've taken one expository writing class before and am a voracious reader, but I havent really done much in the way of a class setting before. I'd like to take a class, also for the peer review aspect and some help getting started on writing! Anywhere that's cheap in the DC region is fine.
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You can still go to NVCC or any other area community college with DC residency. It's not like they don't permit out-of-staters, but even with out-of-state tuition rates they are going to be far cheaper than American, GW, Howard or Georgetown and probably (sadly) higher quality than you may get at UDC.

The USDA has classes in Journal Writing, Travel Writing, Letter Writing, Screen Writing and Creative Non-fiction, though they don't offer a fiction course, one of these may be a good start.
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I know someone who's doing classes as the USDA ... I thought it was very strange the first time I heard about it, but they've just raved about it. Apparently it's not very well known but a good deal.

Just for comparison purposes, the out-of-state tuition to NVCC is around $250 per credit hour including all fees. If you work for the Federal government though (selected agencies only) you might be able to get a special rate that's closer to the in-state one ($82).
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Response by poster: Pollomacho - yes, i know i can go to NOVA, but at 250/credit, i'm not sure. Almost $700 for just a creative writing class seemes a bit much, particularly cause the classes i've taken at NVCC are of uneven quality.

I'm kinda embarassed i didnt notice the USDA had writing classes too (i thought it was just language, HR type stuff, etc). what DON'T they have?

But surely there's writing workshops around here somewhere, no?
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Response by poster: also, i figured noncredit or continuing ed classes have to be around here somewhere....even at places like American, etc.
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It would be pretty informal, but have you checked at Olsens or other such bookstores to see if they have anything going on? How about the DC public library (yes, I know, you could probably do better organizing your own, but...)?

I know what you mean though, there has got to be something!
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You can check out the Writer's Center in Bethesda, which has courses of all kinds; also, I took a screenwriting class through Georgetown's continuing education program a couple of years ago and liked it a lot.
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Response by poster: hazelshade - wow. what a great resource. how did you discover the Writer's Center?
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