Name that scary story for young adults
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I'm looking for a young adult collection of ghost/scary stories I read in middle school (1980s). It was illustrated by Edward Gorey and contained a story about a young girl who discovers a creature of some sort living in a quarry near her home. She becomes obsessed/infatuated with the thing and frequently visits it. I remember strong sexual undertones in this story.

I'm looking for the collection itself but would also be interested in knowing the title of that story in particular.
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Best answer: I would search here; they have a complete Gorey bibliography. One bibliography for works he authored, one for works where he was just illustrator/contributor.
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Was it Bram Stoker's "The Squaw" in this collection?
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Response by poster: Thank you LobsterMitten. Ironically, I found the collection through the image gallery on that site - I remembered the cover. The book was Monster Festival edited by Eric Protter. I think the story was "Brenda" by Margaret St. Clair (although mattbucher, "The Squaw" is in this collection so I'll have to check it out as well.) Thanks!
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