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I found stock.xchng which has a lot of near-professional quality stock photographs for free ("free" in the old sense of not paying anything for them, not the modern sense of "subscription based" or "one time fee", or "free unless you actually need to use them for something"). Does anybody know of similar sites with free, professional quality stock pictures?
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AMG Media has several collections of free stock images. All they ask is you provide credit and/or a link to their site where appropriate. The hazards of free stock are apparent when traversing the Internet, with hundreds or thousands of people using the same images. I remember (circa 1996), Microsoft provided members of the MSDN with access to a collection of Photodisc stock, and I still see the compass, keyboard, and writing-hand images everywhere.
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Say no more: IstockPhoto -- several free when you sign up, more can be had free if you contribute to the community.
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