Yet another ‘how to make friends’ post
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Yet another ‘how to make friends’ post

Yet another ‘how to make friends’ post

I lived in New York city this past year and made new friends, mainly friends who similarly enjoy the outdoors (hiking and biking) and I also plan to join outdoor clubs in the spring. However, now that the weather is becoming colder along with a need for other types of friends, I thought I would poll the collective hive for ideas

I am doing this anonymously because I also feel like a jerk stating this - I really do not feel I have made many intellectual connections with many of my current friends. Without a friendship like this, I really feel empty, so I realize I need to find new people and more friends.

Anyway, I enjoy discussing topics ranging from science to politics. I enjoy learning new information and exchanging ideas. I am hoping for suggestions to meet more people like this or activities that I can do on my own for fun.

Along these lines, on my own I have really enjoyed talks at the 92Y and public library (authors to scientists). Due to a new job and ridiculous hours during the workweek, I can’t commit to taking a weekly class.

Other factors or details that may make this difficult: I am very shy (getting better but I cannot initiate conversations with strangers and even have a hard time inviting people to things at the start of a friendship); I am in my late 30s (open to friends of all ages, but do not want to hang out with either a young college crowd or senior citizens).

Topics that I love to the point of obsession, which may help if I can find a place for meetings or events: science, biology, science fiction, other cultures and countries – there are more interests but I don’t want to get carried away because I would like specific suggestions.

If someone would prefer privately emailing me rather than posting, my account for this purpose is

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Personals sites and craigslist have sections for this, although I can't say whether or not they're effective.
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Being shy myself, I've found group/clubs to be one of the best ways of meeting new people.

A book reading group? A science fiction writing group? If such things sound interesting, you might look for flyers at bookstores & cafes.
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If it was me, I would start a group by advertising in Craigslist for people interested in discussing topics ranging from science to politics. And I would probably have people meet in a cafe for awhile (as opposed to my home). I joined a bookclub like this (from an ad in Craigslist) and I've become good friends with some of the members. We meet in the members' homes now, but we started in a cafe that had sofas, etc.
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You might already have heard of or attended these, but it sounds like you would like Cafe Scientifique. They're held in many cities, so obviously also in New York.
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