Mystery song from rum ad
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Anyone know what the song at the start of this Captain Morgan commercial is?

I tried googling the lyrics but couldn't come up with anything. Sounds like "And the fight is on for the (unintelligible) As he sets his sights (on unintelligible)". I've tried different variations but still come up empty handed. Although it's very possible I'm missing something obvious.
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It sounds a little like Leonard Cohen to me. Not sure on the song, though.
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Wow, I'm usually really good at tracking down stuff like this, but I've had no luck at all. I tried variations on the lyrics I thought I heard, with no luck at all. It does sound a bit like Cohen, but I don't think that's him FWIW.
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I've already been through most of his stuff, haven't found anything. I must be hearing way different lyrics than what is actually being said. This has been bothering me for a couple weeks now.
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If you don't get an answer here, check It'll probably show up on the forums eventually.
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That really sounds like Alabama 3, but I'm not familiar enough with their stuff to tell you which song.
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I agree that it sounds like Alabama 3, but as someone who is pretty familiar with their stuff, I still don't know what song this might be. I don't think it's on any of their CDs that are available in the US.
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I'm going to look at some of their import stuff and see if I recognize any of it. I can't seem to find lyrics for their later stuff so I have a feeling it's them. Might take a while though.
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In case it saves you some time, I know for sure it's not on Exile on Coldharbour Lane or La Peste, because these two albums are pretty much embedded in my brain from so many listenings. I've been listening to Power in the Blood and Last Train to Mashville v2 since reading this post and haven't heard anything that sounded similar. To be fair, though, I've been working while listening and might have missed it. If you figure it out, please do post again!
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After listening to Outlaw, I'm less than convinced that it is Alabama 3, but I'll find some more stuff to listen to. I cut down the first part of the commercial just so I could listen to it over and over again on loop, here it is. It sounds more like Cohen than A3 but I'm coming up with nothing for either. I'm about to ask it over on adtunes.
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I'm thinking Mark Lanegan now, but I'm still coming up negative in iTunes.
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I've thrown the hail mary and sent a message to the Captain Morgan media people via their online contact form. I'll report back if/when they write me back.
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Dammit, bob sarabia, every time I replay that clip it grows on me some more. And I've been humming it all day.
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Now you know how I feel. Next you'll be looking up tons of song lyrics trying to find something that fits into a 6 second sound clip.
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I got a response from the Captain Morgan media people. Their reply? They don't know what the hell it is either. They have however forwarded my question "to the appropriate
department and asked them to have someone contact you back." They also called me Barb.

So I should hopefully have the answer in a few days if I'm lucky. *fingers crossed*
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Ha, Barb! I look forward to hearing what they come up with. If nothing else, I'm really happy to have discovered Mark Lanegan thanks to this thread. But yeah, this song is starting to drive me nuts too. I hope somebody over at the Captain's place knows the answer.
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No response from The Captain so far. I'm going to bug them about this until I get something, although it may be hard to get an answer this close to christmas.
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Please update when and if you ever hear back from the Cap'n's people. Happy New Year!
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Contacted them again, waiting on a response...again.
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Ok, they sent me basically the same answer back again and have apparently blown me off again. I'll get you one day, Captain Morgan.
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