Who's got music recommendations?
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Got any band recommendations?

I hope people can have fun with this one:
I'm looking for some new music. I've been in a funk lately and want some new tunes. I'm listening to Röyksopp right now and think I want more that sounds like this or The Postal Service.
I also spent some bandwidth today filling out my Ladytron and Asian Dub Foundation album lists. Though that's what I'm jamming to now as I'm doing some writing, I am open to any suggestion.

What've you been listening to? What's inspired you recently?

Rock on, MetaFilter, and happy holidays!
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Lindstrom has been making me very happy lately. If you're into Röyksopp, you should enjoy Lindstrom a lot.
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If you like the Postal Service, the lead singer (Ben Gibbard) has a "more popular" band called Death Cab for Cutie. Same voice, similiar moods, different style. Their signature album is called "Transatlanticism," and their newest one is called "Plans."

The Postal Service is also known for remixing other artists, and they were recently featured on a collaboration album of artists remixing songs by Feist. The remix album is called "Open Season," but her gorgeous, highly-recommended breakthrough album is called "Let It Die."

You might also like the Flaming Lips (check out "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots")...

As for recommendation services, there's Pandora and there's Last.FM. Both of them are internet radio stations. Type in an artist you like, and it'll play you "similar" ones.
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Lucien-N-Luciano is sort of like some Röyksopp.

I seriously cannot stop listening to Mountaineer, though it's not very similar.

I would also recommend Herbert and Luomo which are not the same, but similar enough that you might like them if you like Röyksopp.
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Previous AskMeFi, maybe helpful:
I am color (I mean music genre) blind.

I second Death Cab For Cutie, you can't go wrong with them. Also, : The Format, The Flaming Lips.

You may also want to search Amazon and check out the Listmanias and Guides (left hand side). Pandora is awesome, but a lot of the music there is really obscure (and difficult to find).
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The knife maybe, if you like royksopp. Mostly I've just been jammin' to some xmas music lately
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Shout Out Out Out?
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Particular electro-pop albums to check out in order of how much I think you'd like them (start at the top):

Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll
[Some ridiculously danceable synth-pop with lots of interesting start-stop dynamics]

Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
[Sketched out pop music with lots of synth, but even more weirdness]

Ratatat - Ratatat
[Intense instrumental electronic guitar manipulation with drum machine. My friend says, "The only music I play Zelda to now"]

The Faint - Danse Macabre
[Classic synth-pop with inflected voice and punk sensibilities]

Lali Puna - Faking the Books
[Sultry female vocals over laptop backbeats]

The Notwist - Neon Golden
[Beautiful, but often more dark and quiet folktronica--awesome blend of acoustic and electric elements]

Ellen Allien - Berlinette
[Thick accented English + German over more industrial electronic, still rooted in pop music though]
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And The Islands.
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I was just going to suggest The Islands, so I guess now I'm going to second LobserMitten. Islands are 2/3 of the members of Unicorns, and sound about 2/3 the same - still unpredictable, but less...squawky.
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I don't know Röyksopp very well, but I really like The Postal Service.

Some other bands on my "electroindiepopwhatever"-playlist (yes, I'm bad at putting labels on music) are +/-, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Electric President (probably the closest to The Postal Service out of these), Her Space Holiday, Matt & Kim, Efterklang, Ms. John Soda, The Blow, The Knife, The Faint, The Konki Duet, The Notwist and Zoot Woman.
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I'll second Lali Puna.

Ms John Soda (myspace -check out No. One, it's aces) are equally German, similar, and utterly excellent.

Air's Moon Safari always reminds me of Royksopp, except slighty better, if anything.

For listening to while writing: Four Tet - Rounds. An absolute classic of the 'folktronica' 'genre' that I guarantee will make your brain go.

I'll also second typing The Postal Service into Pandora and seeing what it says to you. A lot of the stuff is obscure, but the bands will at least have a myspace page.
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Hot Chip, Junior Boys, and The Mall have all been busting up the college radio charts lately. Three bands worth checking out.
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A second shoutout to Air - particularly Talkie Walkie, which I think is wonderfully soothing.

Tosca (particularly the album Suzuki) is sometimes quite similar to Royksopp.

I also really like Zero 7 (anything EXCEPT their newest album, The Garden) Thievery Corporation (especially The Richest Man in Babylon) and The Mercury Program (anything you can find of theirs)- all are vaguely in a similar genre (smooth, slow, mellow, pop-sensibility-inspired) but might not be quite as close to what you're looking for. If you want to branch out a bit...

And a final note: this is probably far off the mark, but I have to tell someone! I just can't stop listening to E.S. Posthumous' only album "Unearthed". Epic, soaring, cinematic beyond pretty much any album I've ever heard, and totally inspiring.
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If you like softer melodies and some sort of male-female vocal interplay as in The Postal Service, maybe try Stars or The Submarines. Stars is especially potent, despite some of its heart-on-your-sleeves lyrics.

Also try out
The Books
and M83

have fun!
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I like Camera Obscura quite a lot right now.

perhaps a little off topic, but have you ever listened to WFMU?
they play so much stuff i've not heard before that it makes my head spin.

here's a link to the past weeks archives
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Ah, gaptronica.
Most of the luminaries have been mentioned, which kinda of tends to happen when you don't say what it is that you like about these bands.
You will like Neon Golden, Moon Safari, Rounds, Ratatat and Faking The Books.

You might also like Lemon of Pink or Thoughts For Food, both by The Books (and thanks to Lali Puna for that mnemonic trigger). If you like Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, you'll probably like Explosions Robinson and maybe James Kolchaka (depending on how silly you are).
If you like the electro sense of Ladytron, you can also try (from more to less accessible): Ellen Alien's Bubbles, Goldfrapp (who can also be pretty house-y), Chicks on Speed, T. Raumschmier, Adult. (who run their own label, Erzatz Audio, so there're plenty of similar sounds there), Le Tigre, Crash Course in Science, or Tracy and the Plastics. I've never been a huge T+P fan, but they're one of the founding members of electro.
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My favorite band that few people have ever heard of (well, favorite band period) is The National. Matt Berninger is one of the most impassioned, emotional male singers I've heard in ages. The lyrics and music are really brilliant and always tug at my heartstrings. I often describe it as "music to sob into your whiskey to." I recommend their two more recent albums, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers and Alligator.
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The Notwist (albums: Neon Golden, Different Cars and Trains)

The Books

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Etiquette if you want more exuberance, Twinkle Echo or any of the earlier albums for more solemnity)

Dntel (The other half of the Postal Service, on his own.)

Schneider TM, esp the 6 Peace EP (contains an earth-shattering cover of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.)

Lineland (Pavilion is the only album I have and I love it. Instrumental.)

Minotaur Shock (Maritime. Again, instrumental.)

Max Tundra (Mastered By Guy At The Exchange. A little crazier than this other stuff.)

13 & God (If you're tickled by the Notwist, this is the Notwist + Themselves.)

Bobby Birdman (Don't know him well enough to recommend any albums, but what I've heard I've liked. Croons over pretty beats.)
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If you like The Books, here is a band you will love: the name of the band is Album and they are from Monterrey, Mexico.

You can download a lot of their songs for free on their website.
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If you like Royksopp, you may also enjoy Lost Horizons by Lemon Jelly, Dial M For Monkey by Bonobo or Keep It Unreal by Mr Scruff.
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There's a band called Kings of Convenience that may fit the bill. Here's a sample via Youtube:

Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You

The singer from KoC is named Erlend Øye and he's done a fair amount of solo work as well, which is actually even closer in style to Postal Service. Here's a clip:

Erlend Øye - Sudden Rush

Erlend is in another band called "The Whitest Boy Alive" and it's a bit harder to get a hold of their record at present (at least the last time I checked) but is well worth the effort. Sample video (unofficial, I think):

Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
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You know, I've been finding a lot of new bands these days with.... Wikipedia.

I like Swedish metal bands, and have found several just searching for 'swedish metal' on Wikipedia.
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Definitely check out DNTEL, the one full-length has a track that was the genesis of The Postal Service--- This Is The Dream Of Evan and Chan. (youtube) There's a single release for the track with a ton of remixes. Tamborello's other work moves further and further from the TPS sound.

Softlightes might also be a good match for you. I really like their Heart Made of Sound (youtube) single.

Adem - Ringing In My Ear (youtube)
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"the one full-length" is bullshit, sorry. DNTEL has a couple of other albums that are excellent: Early Works For Me If It Works For You and Something Always Goes Wrong.
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The Tough Alliance is a Swedish electro-pop duo I heard on a CD I got through MeFi Swap. I subsequently tracked down their full length and fell in love. It is my current favorite music ever. They just became available on iTunes. Check them out for sure.
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Hot Chip.
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Massive Attack works for me. They're very radiohead-ish if that's what you're into.
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Department of Eagles. Check out "Sailing by Night."
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Jack's Mannequin (not the same style at all, but somehow works perfectly with the Postal Service on a "zone out mix" I have)

Matt and Kim (free MP3s at their site. Best one is "Yeah yeah")
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Can't let a thread like this go by without recommending The Delgados. They broke up not too long ago, but left five great albums, all available on emusic if that's your thing.
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Aberfeldy occasionally sounds similar to the Postal Service.

Of course, Ben Gibbard's bands - All Time Quarterback is one of the lesser known ones.

Kind of a stretch, but Bright Eyes's Digital Ash in a Digital Urn has a similar electronic feel, and Jimmy Taborello / James Figurine / Dntel of the Postal Service contributed to the track Take it Easy (love nothing).
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Oh - forgot... Mia Doi Todd & Dntel - "Digital Version 22" is an excellent "walking around" song in my opinion.
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Oh, and Brazillian Girls. You'll probably like them too.
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Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, Coloma, Sono, FC/Kahuna.
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